Our Data Center is connected with 2 separate power distribution lines, N+1 820kVA emergency generators and 200kVA UPS systems, designed with redundancy (N+1) which is rated to run for unlimited hours of operation. Our fuel tanks of 68,000 liter ensure uninterrupted power uptime for normal operation. All routine maintenance service can be performed concurrently without causing any interruption to our operation.

    Our MEP equipment is carefully selected in terms of both specification and quality to meet the stringent data center requirement. Our transformers, switch gears, UPS, ACU, CRAC and Busway are provided by Schneider Electric while our gensets are provided by Cummins.

    2N utility supplies

    N+1 transformers

    N+1 backup generators

    N+1 electrical distribution

    3 kVA rack power supply

    68,000 liter Fuel Tanks Capacity

    N+1 UPS


    Our Data Center Rack space is protected with state of the art gas fire suppression system, selected to provide the first line of defense and ensure no risk of equipment damage by a water-based systems. We have also installed VESDA (Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus) system, which is a laser based smoke detector.

    Rack Space Area

    Fire Detection - VESDA system

    Fire Suppression - Novec 1230 fire suppression system

    Common area and office area are fully equipped with fire protection system, including conventional water-based sprinkler system.

    Common Area & Office Area

    Fire Detection - Heat Detector, Smoke Detector

    Fire Alarm - Horns and Strobe

    Fire Suppression - Sprinkler, Hose Reel, Hydrant, Extinguisher


    Water leak detection system is installed to detect any water leakage from our CRAC unit, preventing water leakage into our rack space and cause damage to the equipment.

  • BMS

    Our building management system (BMS) function is to centralized the management of the building and also to protect the facility assets.

    Centralized monitors, manages and controls building equipment

    Alert facility problems

    Protect facility assets

    Collect, analyze and manage data

    Occupant safe and comfort


    We combines both physical and IT based security system from Functional Engineering to ensure that our facility is always safe and secure. In addition to stringent security check, our Access Control System and CCTV are built to ensure no unauthorized access possible.

    The facility is surrounded with 3meter of concrete wall fencing, which is resistant to ram and blast, as an additional security level.

    24/7 Security Guard

    Access Control System backed by Security Monitoring Panel

    24/7 CCTV Monitoring

    3m concrete wall fencing