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Job Title: Technical Manager (Engineer)

Technical Manager (Engineer)

5 Years.



Job Requirement:
  • Bachelor degree in business or engineering and equivalent 3-5 years’ experience in mission critical environments
  • Experience in direct management of shift based employees
  • Knowledge of mission-critical operations, high-performance manufacturing
  • Exceptional verbal and written communication skills required for interacting with internal employees and leaders, and external contractors and customers
  • Exceptional analytical and decision-making skills required for understanding and evaluating complex problems, including analyzing a problem, identifying solutions, and selecting the best solution
  • Financial acumen including the ability to create and understand budgets, financial analysis, and invoicing
  • Able to prioritize work based on business and customer demands
  • Able to work within all levels of the organization
  • Able to participate and engage in C-level discussions and conversations pertinent to facility operations
  • Able to articulate concepts and ideas to a non-technical audience
  • Able to lead and contribute to customer-requested business reviews and audits
  • Able to understand and train others on electrical and mechanical systems, as well as other technical aspects of facilities management
  • Able to read and understand complex drawings, systems and other documentatio

Job Responsibilities:
  • Understand all the associated safety code related requirements relative to providing the service.
  • Experience of maintaining critical & temperature control conditioned environments.
  • Detailed understanding and experience of the electrical and mechanical systems used in a data center environment
  • Experience of managing technical escalation and emergency issues.
  • Be overall responsible for the day-to-day management of the Data Centre within the specified sites.
  • Ensure data center operations and company business policies and processes are complied with
  • Ensure optimum staffing structures operate across contracts, balancing cost reduction with the delivery of service excellence and equipment reliability and availability.
  • Ensure appropriate control systems are in place to ensure statutory, policy and contractual commitments are met.
  • Plan and schedule all maintenance subcontractors works and repairs. Ensure all accounts and documentation associated with these subcontractors is current and up to date on a monthly basis.
  • Ensure all subcontractors deliver a quality and competent service and that all contractual obligations are met.
  • Reach out to and liaise with the entire team to ensure consistency across the accounts and compliance with client standards and best practice.
  • Manage and deliver repairs and minor project works, as required, within the data center.

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How To Apply:

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